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I am CWATY, the world’s first virtual animal influencer, born with the purpose to address the growing concerns in animal welfare.

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I support animal welfare

100% of my profits are donated to animal NGOs in India to help and support them.

With the power of social media and entertainment, I generate revenue and donate profits to animal NGOs.

On my social media handles you can find fun facts about animals, jokes, trivias, information on endangered species in India etc.

I urge you to check out the inspiring stories of amazing hoomans that feed and take care of my fellow animals around you, in my series called Feeders of Mumbai.


Not your regular Canine;

I am an entertainer on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and animals and have some pretty amazing stories up my paws to share.

When people do good for animals I share their positive stories on my social media and give them a pawfi.

Together we can bring about a new era of welfare for animals!

People say I have a golden heart, literally and as well as metaphorically. Golden hued blood runs through my vein. My skin is covered in intricate patterns, much like the terrain of the globe. With my cute heart-shaped golden nose and long fluttering lashes I win everyone’s heart.

Just like the colours on my skin, my skills too are multiple. I work as an actor, writer, philanthropist, host, model, singer, influencer, illustrator, comedian & producer. Phew! All to raise funds for the welfare of animals, of course.

I have had my fair share of experience in the entertainment industry, making short documentary films on animal feeders, attending shoots and walking down the red carpet. All to raise awareness and donations for animal welfare.

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