CEP Philanthrotainment Carnival presents a free, fun and rewarding opportunity for everyone to do good via social media, entertaining and informative content, audience voting for awards, prizes and more.

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CEP 1.0

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CEP 1.0(Celebrating Excellence in Philanthropy) presented by CWATY and the Nargis Dutt Foundation honoured change-makers of India in the fields of animal, human and environment welfare. 12 established NGOs were honours and 12 upcoming NGOs were felicitated during the event More than 50 celebrities, influencers, and dignitaries attended the event, raising philanthropic awareness on social media


CEP 2.0, a global Virtual Philanthrotainment Carnival, is presented by CWATY, Nargis Dutt Foundation and Sparsh Trust. This 28 days carnival is about honouring and felicitating NGOs for their excellence in philanthropy and celebrating it through engaging, intriguing and fun content for the audience to consume, participate, vote, donate and get entertained.

  • The CEP board will honour 12 well-established NGOs with at least 10-years of expectational work in welfare.
  • 12 upcoming NGOs between 3-10 years of welfare experience will win felicitations out of 105 nominees via audience voting during the carnival.


Philanthropists, Activists and NGOs across the country are doing exceptional work, especially during these trying times and deserve accolades and support from all of us. There is a need for all forms of philanthropy - Individual donors, fundraising platforms, NGOs, brands and so on to go hand in hand and make it more mainstream, enjoyable and part of everyday life for all sections of society in a receptive way.


CEP presents 100+ CSR worthy NGO projects curated by the top fundraising platforms, under one roof. These projects are promoted and supported by entertaining performances, informative talks, solution driven panel discussions, contests for audiences and more. Creating an opportunity for everyone to do good while having fun, being stimulated and entertained with informative content, feeling relaxed and also winning prizes.


Fundraising Platforms will curate and present 100+ nominees for winning the felicitations via audience voting. The nominated NGOs projects will be in the categories of Animal, Human, and Environment welfare. Each cause will receive a dedicated week during the carnival to highlight and promote the projects nominated for the cause.


Audiences will receive CEP hearts during the CEP carnival, which can be given to their favourite NGO projects as votes for winning felicitations.

CEP hearts are collected in the users wallets every time they watch any content during the CEP carnival. These hearts appear at random during the viewing of the content. The hearts in a user's wallet can be used to vote for any of the nominated NGO projects.

There are multiple ways to collect the CEP hearts
  1. Watching content during the carnival
  2. Consuming sponsored ads and surveys
  3. Referral code to register in the CEP Carnival
  4. Making donations to NGO projects

    • CEP hearts received for Re 1 donated to NGO Projects
    • CEP hearts received for Re 1 donated to Cwaty


The CEP hearts collected by watching videos are stored in the wallet.


Audiences can see the status of the NGO projects and where they stand in terms of winning the 12 felicitations on the leaderboard.


The CEP Carnival web-link will be accessible from more than 100+ websites and social media accounts of fundraising platforms, content creators, NGOs, artists, influencers, philanthropists, activists, dignitaries etc. This will provide an easy and convenient access to their existing followers, in effect driving traffic to the CEP Carnival.

  • Fundraising Platforms: Potential reach of 60 million
  • Content Creators: potential reach of 70 million
  • NGOs: Potential reach of 20 million


The CEP 2.0 carnival will be launched on 14th November with the goal of creating a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Write to us: cwaty@cwaty.org